Indian Parents Were Asked About Dating. Watch Their Shocking Answers

Indian Parents on Dating

Often and more often, we feel that the generation gap is tearing us and our parents apart isn’t it? Half the time we don’t understand what they’re trying to hit-on and vice-versa. Most of the time, they never understand what you’re trying to say isn’t it? Topping such a list, is the Dating extravaganza. Parents never seem to understand the depths and pauses of dating these days. We are in the ‘Era of dating’ and this has led to most of hiding it from our parents about the whole dating part or acting as if we have nothing to do with it.

Parents and dating never seem to go, hand-in-hand and most of our parents consider dating to be an alienated, unorthodox and unruly way of getting to test the waters. Especially in a country like India, girls are never encouraged to date around by her parents. How would it be if you get to ask your parents on notes, whether they would do the same if they were of your age? Oh yes, this video does just the same.

They go around asking a couple of parents on dating, its norms and realms and all about the over-rated anticipation around it. We warn you though, because some of the answers might strike you to be hypocritical as ever but they are interesting folks. Watch out for their reactions when quizzed on if they will allow their children to date, to mingle around and to search for their life partner all by themselves.

In the end, it’s indeed fun. Don’t miss out on watching it. 😛