India’s First Superhero ‘Shaktimaan’ To Make A Comeback On Television.


WOW, it’s time for ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’ once again !!


Shaktimaan our childhood superhero is touted to be making a telly comeback for the sake of fans. The actor Mukhesh Kanna is touted to be currently working out to get back in shape to do justice for the role.

Shaktimaan india


Here is what Mukesh Khanna said about his plans:

‘We are planning the return of Shaktimaan on television and the discussions are going on with few channels. I can’t committ the date but you will get to see it soon. I am working on my look and body for it. I have already lost 8 kgs and will be losing another 8 kilos. I am not trying to get six pack abs. I want to try and match up with the look that I had 15 years back. People relate to me as Shaktimaan and I can’t offer the role to anyone’

He added

‘I was very young when I played the role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat. I feel an actor can’t be restricted due to age. I feel age is just a number. It depends on how you look and if you will be able to pull off the character with full conviction’.


Here is a short video to refresh your memories !


We’ll keep you posted meanwhile here’s three cheers to our superhero! Hip hip hurray!