Love Over A Cup of Tea. This Chaai Video Is The Most Brilliant Thing You Will See In Internet Today

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A window sill hosts a date over a cup of Chai between a melancholic writer and a girl who has nearly figured out everything. This video shows how Friendship blossoms to Love and how it’s time for girls to start figuring out that there are nice guys amidst 99% of jerks.

The movie is titled Chai based on a small story. The story had the writer termed as a loner because of him being different. His choice of chai (tea) over a coffee date being one of his most beautiful differences. And hence Chai.

So the next time you drink a cup of tea, be sure that you are as creative as this video.

Watch out for, The tough guys, the rude guys, the hard guys, the bad guys, they all get the girls. Nice guys get rejected. They get friend-zoned. #Realitycheck