This Poem By The Wife Of A Late Vietnam War Soldier Will Tell You What Love Actually Is

When a daughter was sorting through her mother’s possessions she discovered this wonderful poem her mother had written, titled But You Didn’t’.

Her mother was an ordinary woman whose husband drafted into the army soon after their kid was born. It is revealed that he went to the battlefields of Vietnam when their daughter was just a four years old toddler. And, from hereon the mother and daughter only had each other.

Her husband was sadly killed on the battlefield, leaving the woman a widow life long – until she died of old age. She lived a lonely life filled with memories of her husband.


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To say that the poem, left us heart-broken is an understatement.

This makes us realize that we will never know when will be the last time we are with someone we love. We never know which goodbye will be the last one, which kiss will be the final one and what will be the last thing we ever say to each other. So convey, share and communicate your love whilst you still can!

Happy Loving, folks!