Russian Mafia Boss Caught Having Sex In Prison With His Lawyer!

russian lawyer sex
A Russian mafia boss was caught on camera having sex with a woman who was allegedly his human activist lawyer. The work of a human activist lawyer is to check whether a prison inmate is being treated in a just way by the prison authorities.

But the woman posing as his lawyer here did check on something a lot more than just his condition in the prison.

Check out the Video!

As seen in the video, the Russian mafia boss had been given enough comforts in the prison. The woman would come often to meet with him and her visits would take longer than usual which alerted the guards. The prison officials then decided to tape the meetings between the two and the leaked video shows the woman stripping down and getting busy with the mafia boss
The critics have cried foul over the treatment being given to the Russian mafia boss saying that the quality of life given to him can be found in any Russian house. The prisoner has not been named by the police officials.
Shocking isn’t it?