The Man Who Moved A Mountain: Real Life Story Of Manjhi Will Move You To Tears

Here is a story of a man named Dashrath Manjhi, who did not build a Taj Mahal for his wife BUT moved a mountain for 22 years!

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Manjhi’s wife, Falguni Devi, fell down from a mountain and ultimately died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a Doctor was 70 km away from their village in Bihar, India.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Devastated by her loss, Manjhi wanted to ensure no one else dies without medical care like his wife.

The Man Who Moved A Mountain: Real Life Story Of Manjhi Will Move You To Tears

Dashrath Manjhi sold his goats and bought a hammer, chisel, and crowbar.

The Man Who Moved A Mountain: Real Life Story Of Manjhi Will Move You To TearsImage Source

So, he single-handedly carved a 360 foot long (110m), 25 foot high (7.6m) and 30 foot wide (9.1m) road by cutting a mountain for 22 years.

The Man Who Moved A Mountain: Real Life Story Of Manjhi Will Move You To Tears

His feat reduced the distance from his village to hospital from 70kms to just 1 km.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Ultimately a proper road was made after 22 years of his intense struggle.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

That was not all…

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

He once decided that he had to visit Delhi and meet the President of India but he did not have enough money to buy a train ticket.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man


So what did he do?

He decided to walk all the way to Delhi, a distance of over one thousand kilometers, along the railway tracks.

He did reach Delhi but could not meet the President.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man

But Manjhi did meet Nitish Kumar at a Janata Durbar in Patna. Nitish Kumar had stood up in reverence to the Mountain Man and even made him sit on the Chief Minister’s chair.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man-Nitish KumarImage Source: blissfulbihar

Dashrath Manjhi died on 17 August 2007 at AIIMS hospital in Delhi. He was suffering from cancer of gall bladder.

To honor Dashrath Manjhi, the Bihar government had announced to name the road built by the Mountain Man as Dashrath Manjhi Road and that hospital in Atri village in Gaya (which is yet to be built), to be named after him.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain ManImage Source

It is unfortunate that Dashrath will not be there to lay the foundation stone when that road is fully developed, but we are sure that his story of determination and courage will continue to be the source of inspiration for many of us in India and abroad.
Indian is filled with shedded with oh-so Many More Mountains,


On August 17, 2007, Dashrath Manjhi, the man who moved a mountain lost his battle with cancer. All that he had done was for no personal gain. “I started this work out of love for my wife, but continued it for my people. If I did not, no one would.” Manjhi’s words reflect the reality of our country.

Now that he is gone, his people are still poor. There are electricity poles, but no electricity; a tube well, but no water; no real hospital, no real livelihoods, little education. Manjhi’s son lost his own wife recently to an illness.

After all these years, their fate was sealed by another mountain: poverty, the inability to pay for a doctor, for all the necessary treatment on time.

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