Before the elections, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had released a manifesto with very brave and tall promises. As the election results are out & Arvind Kejriwal has once again become the Chief Minister Of Delhi, we request Mr Kejriwal to remember these promises.


1. Free Wifi In Delhi

Free Wifi Arvind Kejriwal


2. 8 Lakh Jobs For Youths

8 Lakh jobs for Youth Arvind Kejriwal


3. Promise To Bring Back E-Rickshaws

These battery operated e-rickshaws were banned by the government and thus the drivers became jobless. Mr Kejrival had promised that these e-rickshaws will be back.

E-Rickshaws Arvind Kejriwal


4. 50% Reduction In Power Tariff

Power Tariff Arvind Kejriwal


5. Promise To Start Sports Facilities On The Land Provided By Villages

Sports facilities Arvind Kejriwal


6. Space For Temporary Offices For Start-ups On Minimal Rent

Startups Arvind Kejriwal


7. Set up 20 Colleges In The Outskirts of Delhi

16 College


8. No Student Will Get Refused For Loan

Student loan Arvind Kejriwal


9. Pass The Lokpal Bill

Lokpal bill Arvind Kejriwal


#Personal Request

10. Please Do Not Sit On Dharnas Every Week !!! 🙂