OBJECTIFICATION SELLS ( Not an Under-Statement)

Well , As they Say ‘Pictures Never Lie’ !!
Haven’t we just had Enough of this ??
Wherever We see, Women are Being Portrayed as Dolls to add Glamor Quotient to the Subject . We are Awash with the photographs of anonymous women adorning the walls in roads , offices and even In News-stands .
We are Just Treated as objects that are used to Please men !!
Is that what we Live for??
Oh Please , am sure Women are capable of Far-Better Stuff then being such Idols Of
Idiocy. Objectification deals Not just with women being treated to Please men , or to attract attention,
But are seen as Objects to be Ogled at and For Mistreatment .
Am Not exactly a chauvinist , But I feel Women deserve to be treated better and given an equal Place in the society .
To be more Specific , Let’s take A look On the Tamil Magazine covers,
Every magazine , has an image of a female – half-dressed to reveal her torso ..
And these are displayed everywhere .. right from News-stands to The Cyber-world
We see Pin-ups, calendar sheets to even newspapers using the female part of the society as Objects to be Ogled at .

Did God Create Us To be used as tools ?

Don’t we have our own Goals ??
Atleast, the ability to realize we are being Used by our society.
Damn, even the Matrimonial Ad’s Wants The Female Percentage to be ,
Slim-Fair and Athletic .
‘Sigh!’ is what I feel, are we just Objects to be Appreciated and Judged on Appearance ??
Oh man , we Don’t deserve this.
Take A Look at some Regional Ad’s ,
The way they portray Women Is So Baptimistic,
‘Enna Color ??? Enna Figure’
Oh ya , Wat are we ? Dolls with Dumb heads ?
And the Axe-ad , Damn .. they portray Women to be More like Dogs ,
That follow their owner at the Sight of a Cookie,
Please Stand up , and prove that. , it takes much more then a bottle Of Deo to Woo us .
Well ,
Growing up In a society ,

– Where female Photographs Rule the Media , men are used to the fact that Women are to be objectified and not Idealized.
– This makes the nation to appear uncultured and not civilized .
– The media side of the nation is the peep into the development of the country.
– This also makes women’s life an hassle as they keep comparing themselves to those featured in the Photographs.

They will Awful Effects on the upcoming Generation, Like
It may easily promote Negative Self-images, Creates A Spur Of shame among ourselves ,
And affects our Privacy and safety .

The actress of every movie is expected to be Fair, ravishing and in short- A living Rapunzel,,
But what about the Protagonists ?
We see them to be Pot-bellied and Aged,
But they carry themselves well Forward , and that deeply reflects on the way others treat them, we should Develop faith In ourselves and make the society Understand that,
We are Also Made of Bone & Flesh , and that we deserve a better Treatment.
Most Importantly, Accept the fact that, Nothing lasts Forever.
Including Beauty , It May Start Fading at some point too.
And It Is highly difficult to live in a world where beauty is held in such a high-regard, though the Choices are Understandable , we could still be better Off living In a society where we are ,
Treated as well as portrayed well .
Kindly Treat Your Girl , Like you want Your daughters & Sisters to be treated .
And To the Laudi-Da-Da Females Out there, Remember People are Respected and remembered for what they are and what they do , Not for How they Appear, So Kindly Put down Your airs and learn to Treat everyone Well Because , Life is A cycle , you May Stand Where They do Today.