PM Narendra Modi’s Suit Sold For 4.31 Crores. What A Genius Our PM Is.

When the Prime Minister of India wore a monogrammed suit worth Rs 10 Lakhs at his meeting with American President Barack Obama, every one criticized him for wearing such an expensive suit. But it turns out that with the same suit, NaMo made a profit of more than 4 crores.

The monogrammed suit was auctioned off for nearly 3 days with intense bidding. it turned out that the tailored navy suit had a lot of fans including Diamond merchant, Hitesh Laljibhai Patel,


He won the bidding & the monogrammed suit at a whopping Rs 4.31 crores!

namo suit-1

Source: ndtvimg

After winning the suit, this is what the winner Hitesh Patel had to say, “Will keep (Modi’s) suit in factory to remember that I paid (Rs 4.31 cr) for Ganga project.”

Another interesting thing is that the initial bid for the monogrammed suit was just Rs. 51 Lakhs.

namo suit-2

Source: Pikspost

The amount collected from the auction will be used for cleaning the Ganga river.