Rahul Gandhi Faces Massive Embarrassment; Students Loudly Contradict Him On ‪#‎SwachhBharat

Watch Rahul Gandhi pretend to be all posh and cool in front of the students of Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru and fail miserably. When he queried the students, if they thought Swacch Bharat initiative for cleanliness was working, the crowd surprised him with a resounding, ‘yes!’

‘Ok I don’t see Swacch Bharat working’, he said with a shrug of his shoulders and a sheepish grin at the end of it.

Rahul continued to dig himself deeper with- ‘Do you think Make in India is working?’

‘Yes,’ they shouted back midst much awkwardness!

By the looks of it, the Congress vice president realized he was going nowhere with his questions. So he decided to conclude stating that ‘In my perspective government initiatives like Make in India, Swacch Bharat and Connect India aren’t working actually’.

Talk about being insightful and intellectual at the same time! *grin*

Watch the video here!



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