This Rap Star Takes A Dig At Unilever For Poisoning Kodaikanal !

‘Kodaikanal mercury poisoning’ by Unilever has been a well-chronicled case of toxic pollution in India. High levels of toxic mercury are still found in vegetation of Kodaikanal in and around the surrounding areas of the factory of HUL.

According to reports, ‘Mercury has a tendency to accumulate in the body and the actual symptoms of the effects can develop even decades after the exposure.’

Sofia Ashraf, a musical artist from Chennai, has composed a rap urging Unilever to clean up the mess in Kodaikanal and to restore it to its former glory.  This rap song, set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s song, “Anaconda,” takes a royal dig at the company to clean up their act and to make up for the loss.

Watch the video and please support the cause!

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