10 Reasons On Why Your Dad Is Actually ‘SuperDad’.

Your Father is the first man on earth you learnt to love and admire the most. He’s someone who is always there for you and there always is a specially reserved place for him inside your heart. Isn’t it?

Here are 10 well-justified reasons on what makes fathers escalate from Dad to Super-dad.


1. He is the king of all jokes. You owe all your eye-rolling skills to him. Thanks to his funny bone.

babuji gif jokes memes


2. He has never backed down from the lair of danger i.e. the kitchen. Whether he whips up a gourmet meal or just burnt toast, he still owns it like a boss.

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3. He has given you the most awesome piggy back rides ever and he still might, if only he could carry you.

dad best


4. “Keep calm and Dad on” is his motto. Super dads cover all situations from scraped knees to broken bones/hearts most amicably.



5. Somebody hurt you? Have no fear. Cos SuperDad is here !

10 Reasons On Why Your Dad Is Actually 'SuperDad'.


6. In spite of taking in oodles of mouthwash, showering with disinfectants and even bathing in the Ganges, Your dad might easily gauge it out that you had your first drag of smoke or sip of a drink.

He doesn’t mind though cos Super-dads don’t, unless you over do it!

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7. Those bell-bottoms always held their secrets. When your aunt or uncle spills a secret story from the past, you look at that badass with renewed respect.



8. When it came to fights over the remote control, he was always on your side. Even cartoons are better than saas-bahu drama! Cos he likes to see you win!



9. He has survived your finger painting, makeover sessions and even tasted and tested the first time you made daal. You are pretty sure that now even Kryptonite can’t get to him.



10. He is the one who made you who you are and will always be the World’s Best Father. Isn’t it?

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