RIP: On Swathi’s Bday her sister writes a moving letter in remembrance

Child like, Soft spoken and God Fearing: A portrait of Swathi In An Open Letter
Months after the death of the tech junkie Swathi that took Chennai by a storm; here’s what her sister wrote on a public post. Keep the tissues ready!
There lived a happy go lucky girl in a quarters, who lived amidst her friends. One fine day the kiddo’s close friend shared the happy news of a younger sister’s arrival. She was fascinated to know that her friend has been blessed with a sister. So even she started praying vigorously for a sister. God too answered the kid’s prayer and on 29th September, the girl’s sister was born. The most awaited moment for the girl.
 She enjoyed and rejoiced the arrival of her sister. The elder and younger one were poles apart but in a good way. They both were like Tom and Jerry, kept fighting and pulling each other’s leg for almost everything. But they made sure none came in-between them. They remained protective of each other. As time gave many twist and turns of events in their lives, they were able to sail through everything with the help of their parents. Days, months and years rolled by.  Time tested their patience, but the four of them faced it bravely and positively by remaining a close knit family.
One fine day, in the month of June’16, a policeman arrived at their home just to inform that the younger one had been killed. The elder one rushed to the spot, just hoping it would be someone else. All her prayers failed, and to the surprise of everyone, it was her sister. The one who couldn’t bear a small cut was lying dead in a pool of blood, helplessly.
 With great difficulties, the family was fighting to get back to their routine. But the so called activists started spreading rumours about the departed soul. The family tried clearing the air, but in vain. There were too many wrong facts about the departed soul and her family. They couldn’t do much other than to mourn, just hoping that the true facts will emerge from the false. Now, the family has been left devastated and is hoping time will help them heal someday.
Happy Birthday my dear. If possible do return to us in some form. Love and miss you more than we could take.