SHOCKING: 10 Rarely Known Facts From Ramayana

SHOCKING: 10 Rarely Known Facts From Ramayana

Ramayana the epic is highly detailed and descriptive in nature. Being one of the greatest war epics, it is indeed difficult to be transcript-ed originally. Here are ten unusual facts from the great epic that we might have missed out on all these times..


1. It’s less known that King Ram had a sister called Shantha.



2. The fact that Ravanan had ten heads is metaphorical.

In sense the Asura king possessed the knowledge and wealth of ten human beings in one mortal body.



3. Sri Lanka was originally captured by King Kubera who is also known as the lord of wealth.


However it is stated that Ravana captured the same from his reign.


4. It’s already well known that Lord Ram is Vishnu’s reincarnation but little do we know that brother Laxman is Shesh Nag’s rebirth after a boon granted to him by the lord.



5. It is touted that Laxman didn’t sleep a wink during the 14 year exile that the family took.

Apparently he requested the goddess of sleep to excuse him from the turmoil and not protecting his brother during the wee hours.



6. Bali is reported to have killed Lord Krishna during his next birth as a hunter.



7. Brother Laxman is reported to have engaged in suicide to live up to the promise of his brother to Lord Yama.



8. In order to outdo his love for Rama from Sita, Hanuman is said to have smeared his entire body with sindoor which is referred to as Bajrang in Hindi. Thereby he was nicknamed as Bajrang Bali.



9. When Rama and crew were busy building a bridge to Sri Lanka, it is reported that the squirrels came to their aid and helped them pick up pebbles and sand. Out of gratitude, Ram is touted to have blessed them with those stripes.



10. Surpanakha wanted to kill Raavan!



Sounds too surprising right! You heard it right, some people state that the whole war was a brainwave planned by her.  Shocking isn’t it?