Shocking Facts about the Greatest Company Rivalries of All Time

company rivalries

Over the years, we have seen some startling rivalries among the top companies in the world. Here are some amazing facts about them.


1. Pepsi vs. Coke

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

We all are aware of this one. It’s the oldest and most famous rivalry in history, started off in 1893 and still going on. Here’s an interesting story, in the early years Coca Cola had this habit of buying out their competitors it had three chances to buy Pepsi but they refused since Pepsi was too small then and didn’t pose a threat.


2. McDonald’s vs. KFC

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

For 15 years, McDonald’s and KFC have aggressively expanded in India, Both fast food giants are localising their recipes to cater to a wide cross section of Indian tastes. The spicy vegetarian “McAloo Tikki burger” by McDonald’s competes with the curry-flavoured and meatless version of KFC’s signature “Paneer Zinger burger”.


3. Domino’s vs. Pizza Hut

Greatest Product Rivalries of All TimeWith the challenging economic conditions, Domino’s has also gone against the grain of reducing prices to compete. While Pizza Hut, Hungry Howies, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s have decided to use price driven ads to increase business, Domino’s has maintained margins, relying on the product improvements to increase demand. Domino’s found the key to customers’ hearts: a better recipe and honesty. After admitting its flaws, its profits jumped.


4. Canon vs. Nikon

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

Can you imagine two of the world’s leading camera-makers getting together to build a camera? Hard to believe, we could have enjoy a universal lens mount by now and don’t have to suffer like hell. Half a century ago, Canon and Nikon weren’t rivals. Back then, it took both companies to produce a quality camera. The first Japanese 35mm camera, which was made in 1935, and its Nikkor 50mm F3.5 lens. NlKKOR lenses continued to be used in Canon cameras until 1948, when Nikon created its first camera, the Nikon 1.


5. Starbucks vs. Dunkin-Donuts

Greatest Product Rivalries of All TimeStarbucks: In its most recent annual report, Starbucks doesn’t mention the name Dunkin-Donuts even once. Starbucks does say its primary coffee competition is ‘quick-service restaurants and specialty coffee shops’.

Dunkin-Donuts: For its part, Dunkin’ Brands references Starbucks eight times in its IPO documents for investors, mostly in connection with members of its executive team who used to work at Starbucks. In fact, Starbucks sued one of its former executives, Paul Twohig, for allegedly breaching his non-compete clause when he jumped to Dunkin-Donuts in 2009. Twohig and the company settled the lawsuit.


6. HP vs. IBM

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

Hewlett-Packards’ victory over IBM has not been particularly sweet. In 2006 it surpassed IBM in revenues, a lead it has maintained. But revenues are not the only measure of success. Since the earliest days of IT, they have been polar opposites: HP seeded the engineering-heavy ethos of contemporary Silicon Valley. IBM’s iconic Thomas Watson was more salesman than scientist. IBM draws from five-year plans, while HP is fond of aggressive moves.


7. Microsoft vs. Apple

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

While some might argue that Microsoft and Apple are not competitors according to their core product lines, it is undeniable that they offer rival influences on the direction technology should take. Apple founder Steve Jobs created the first personal computer in 1977, refining the product until it gained widespread acceptance. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates in 1975 and gained success by licensing its Windows operating system, which was incompatible with Apple hardware, to computer manufacturers such as IBM. By the mid-1980s, Microsoft products dominated the computer software industry, and Jobs was ousted from his position at Apple. Jobs eventually returned and led Apple’s revival, crafting a line of sleeker, more design-focused products like Macbook, Ipod, Iphone & the revolutionary Ipad.


8. Adidas vs. Puma

Greatest Product Rivalries of All Time

Sometimes a business rivalry is merely an extension of a sibling rivalry. The brothers Adolf (Adi) and Rudolf Dassler started a shoe company together in a small German town in the 1920s, with Adi serving as the shoe designer and Rudolf as the salesman. After convincing Jesse Owens to wear Dassler running shoes in the 1936 Olympics, the brothers’ company took off. During World War II, however, political and personal differences, as well as enmity between their wives, created a rift between the brothers. Rudolf left the partnership and in 1948 founded Puma, while Adi renamed the original company Adidas.