Someone Booked Aamir Khan And His Family- Tickets To Pakistan. Isn't it too much?

With the whole country storming against Aamir Khan and his family,  this group called Hindu Sena has claimed to have booked three tickets for Aamir, Kiran Rao and their son Azaad to bid them a final goodbye!

Here are the tickets,

‘This Ranchhoddas should explain in which country is he going to live. Speaking of leaving the country is a language of treachery. Leave whatever glory this country has given you, here only. Only Aamir knows why he wanted to leave the country and why did he take his filmy wife’s remarks so seriously. Those who don’t feel that India is their own, should not speak of patriotism and of Satyamev Jayate !’ stated a member of the Shiva Sena party.

When will this come to an end? Isn’t India acting intolerant now? Aren’t we proving him right? What do you think?