Sometimes It’s Too Late For Regrets. Watch This Video That Can Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Sometimes It's Too Late For Regrets. Watch This Video That Can Send Shivers Down Your Spine

‘Did you really want to die? No one commits suicide because they want to die. Then why do they do it? Because they want to stop the pain.’ – Tiffanie DeBartolo


When Ananya was in pain and couldn’t take it any-more she decided to end it all quite easily. What she never thought of is the fact that, she wiped off many lives along with hers. When people commit suicide little do they think about its consequences. Sometimes suicide is just not the way, to end all misery in life.

Is suicide really the way to escape from all wrath in life?

Each and every one of us are surrounded by people who count on us all the time. They might be friends-family-relatives and might range from people we love, we share things with, spend time with, laugh around, play with, eat , shop or share a drink with. When somebody dies, they end not just their lives but take away the lives and memories of others around them as well.

Killing is quite easy as breathing but do we ever give thought to its after-effects?

For temporary relief we end lives that might do nothing but harm to those around us. We pass on the resentment, agony and pain to those around us. In this video, Ananya killed herself and her parents will never be the same again. She died once and ended up making her parents die everyday of their lives. Nothing in life, is far more precious than you.

Whenever you feel threatened or low, bump it up with a bar of chocolate,bubble bath, a tub of ice-cream or talk to the ones you love. Never, ever resort to end it all. There’s nothing shameful than giving up on life.

Every year, 1.35 lakh Indians end their lives, please pass it all you those you know and help us to reach out to as many we can.