Sonakshi Sinha’s Response to Rishi Kapoor’s Jibe Will Make Your Day.

Bollywood Actor Sonakshi Sinha is widely renowned for her come-backs and rather tongue-in-cheek replies but here’s something she has done that has made us love her even more, now!


Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor took a dig on Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt on Twitter with this meme,


Whilst most midst us, will look at this as a joke it is important to note that there is nothing worse than fat-shaming an actress. Rishi Kapoor faced the wrath of many on twitter and had to remove the post later on however the damage is already done.


When people contacted Sonakshi Sinha to note down her take on it, she waived it off and stated;

“I am sure this wasn’t created by him. It’s been something that has been going around for a while. Maybe he just found it funny, that’s OK, that’s his opinion. It’s his sense of humor. It is fine, it’s meant to be taken the right way.”


WOW. Talk about emotional maturity and intellectual enlightenment in a woman.

There could be no better way to respond to someone fat-shaming you than by not being affected by it, isn’t it? What say, folks?


Please, Take a bow! Sona!


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