SHOCKER: Couple Announce Their Pregnancy With A Horror Movie Trailer!


With Halloween just around the corner, one dad-to-be decided to embrace the spooky spirit a little early in this scary horror movie pregnancy announcement.

“We both love horror movies, but Gavin is a horror nut,” Judy Tran, of Los Angeles, told ABC News. “One of our first dates was a horror movie. I’m the one that can only watch a horror movie once, but Gavin could watch ‘The Ring’ or ‘The Grudge’ to help him go to sleep.”


The expecting parents are both wedding photographers, so when Gavin was given free reign over the announcement video, he really went all out.


“We were brainstorming ideas for an announcement and I joked that it should be a horror movie trailer,” Tran explained. “Within a few hours, Gavin had a document with a slew of ideas, catchlines, and a shot list.”


It took it her horror-buff husband about 40 hours to shoot and edit the video over the course of a few weeks, which has clearly paid off with its nearly 500,000 views in just two days.

“The hardest part was getting good audio,” said Tran. “Just imagine my husband roaming the house with a recorder and shotgun mic like he’s treasure hunting. He even recorded audio from my ‘morning sickness’ but that obviously didn’t make the cut!”


Needless to say, Halloween will continue to be a wild tradition for this family, especially once baby Holt is born in March 2016.

Gavin has been collecting (and making) Halloween decorations and is toying with the idea of a haunted house,” Tran said. “For a Halloween party, he made our bathroom so scary that people refused to use it!”

When asked if they thought they’d ever be able to top this epic viral video, Tran wasn’t quite sure.

“We’ll try when the baby can stand, since apparently Gavin’s already thinking about how freaky it would be if the baby stands over me while I sleep…,” she quipped to ABC.