Subramanian Swamy Almost Married Another Man’s Bride. What A Blunder

Indian politician Subramanian Swamy is well-known and remembered by for many moments. But this time, he has locked himself in without any way-out.

Subramanian Swamy was invited to Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu to solemnize a Hindu wedding. He was given a Mangalsutra to hand over to the groom.

For those who don’t know: In every Hindu weddings its mandatory for the groom to tie the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck to formalize the ceremony.

Subramanian Swamy went straight for the bride and if the visibly concerned lady on his side hadn’t stopped him from doing so, he would indeed be married again.

Check out the hilarious Video here!


Phew, that was indeed close. Wasn’t it?

Subramanian Swamy Gif