‘The Hindu’ Gives ‘Times Of India’ An Epic Burn That The Internet Has Become Fond of.

Everyone is aware about the epic war between the two leading publications, ‘The Hindu’ and ‘Times Of India’. This war has been going on for ages.


Post so many months, a fan of ‘The Hindu’ decides to stir things up again by posting a matrimonial ad in ‘Mumbai Mirror’ a branch of the Times Group.

The ad read: “Wanted: Groom who reads The Hindu. Because The Hindu reports the truth. The writing is crisp and brilliant. And they read their ads before they post them.”



So what’s next bro?



BTW it’s your move now TOI!



Professor Snape approves of it…!

'The Hindu' Gives 'Times Of India' An Epic Burn That The Internet Has Become Fond of!.


FYI as reported by CNN-IBN  it is a fan of The Hindu who posted the matrimonial ad in the Mumbai Mirror.