These Pronounciation Of ‘Where Are You’ In Different Parts Of Gujarat Is Hilarious

Gujju is a phunny language where people from different parts speak different Gujarati. These 7 pictures of the colloquials of Gujarati language will surely remind you of your friends.

Here is a list by Sunny Kelawala representing Different Colloquials Of Gujarat explaining how “Where Are You” is spoken in every state.


1. Kai Che??? Jaldi Aai Ne Baka!

Ahmedabad 'Kai Che'


2. “Kaa Che BH$3$##A, Tari Maa Ne Jaldi Aavni..”

Surat 'Kaa Che'


3. “Kya Cho? Ela Jaldi Aao”

Kathiyawad 'Kya Cho'


4. “Choikan He Lya? Hed Tare Galle Aaija.”

Mahesana - Cho Se


5. Vee kya che laaa??

Vadodra-'Kya Che'


6. “Kya Chu, Bhailu?? Mota Bajar Jaavus? Toh Devlya ne bolavi le.”

Aanand-VVN-Kya Chu


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