Indians say a lot of things. But sometimes we wish Indians would say these things too:


1. When We Give Something To Someone, They Never Say This

No Thanks


2. When We Ask For A Change, Indians Never Say This:

sabka change hai


3. When We Are Bored & Out Of The Blue, Our Partner Should Say This:

Lets Go To Goa


4. When Every Person We Know Keeps On Interfering In Our Lives, We Wish They Would Rather Say This:

Your life is no one else's business


5. Has Any Indian Ever Told You This:

I am Listening

6. When We Were Children, We Wanted To Bat First. But Did Anyone Say This To You:

Bat mera hai

7. Is There Any Couple Left Who Could Say This For Orkut:

We met on orkut

8. Every Indian wants their kid to become an Engineer. Has Any Parent Told You This

My Son Will become a scientist

9. Fights For Parking Is A Common Thing. But Has Any Car Owner Told You This

You do parking

10. In India, Every News Is A Breaking News. We Wish Reporters Would Say This

Breaking news

Don’t you think India will become Heaven if Indians Say these things?