This Awesome Traffic Cop In Indore Does Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk To Control The Traffic

A huge number of crowd gathered around to watch our Ranjeet Singh (Traffic Control officer), moonwalking in busy intersection of Madhya Pradesh’s city Indore.

He works as a traffic control officer for Indore Police and is well-renowned for unique style of performing due to which he has become quite famous amongst the public and his colleagues.


Here’s what he quoted on the scene,

“Following traffic rules it is very important for motorists. Some follow, others don’t follow. So to make everyone follow the traffic rules and to make them understand I am regulating the traffic by dancing, laughing and entertaining them. When the public sees me doing my job like this, they are admiring me and following the rules. I am happy with this. My aim is also that. So I am trying my best and enjoying myself. People are also enjoying and happy and following me.”

Kudos to the Police Inspector, who made use of his talent to create public awareness.