This Is How It Would Look If The Cast Of Mahabharata Starred International Cricketers

Have you wondered what would Mahabharata look like if it starred International Cricketers?

Here’s a gist of what we have compiled out of it. Look through and enjoy.


1. ‘Sir’ Don Bradman as Bhishma Pitamah

2 Sir Don Bradman


2. Sachin Tendulkar as Arjun

Dedicated, hard-working and most naturally talented.

Arjuna is considered the main hero of Mahabharata. Sachin is considered the main hero of whichever team he plays.

Respect for Bhishma (Don Bradman) & Dronacharya (Gavaskar).

Sachin Tendulkar as Arjuna


3. Virat Kohli as Abhimanyu

Most illustrious among peers of the same age.

Virat Kohli as Abhimanyu


4. Rahul Dravid as Yudhisthira

Highly Talented men.

Even respected by opponents (for their integrity / fair play).

Rahul Dravid as Yudhisthira


5. Brian Lara as Karna

Karna as Brian Lara


6. Ricky Ponting as Duryodhana

Ponting As Duryodhana


7. M S Dhoni as Lord Krishna

  • Known for their impeccable (war / game) strategies adopted.
  • Their team will emerge victorious even if it seems otherwise. (Of course, Dhoni is not 100% victorious, but he is very successful)
  • They bring the best out of their team players while remaining as charioteers most of the time.

M S Dhoni as Lord Krishna


8. Sunil Gavaskar as Dronacharya

Sunil Gavaskar as Dronacharya


9. Chris Gayle as Bheema

Chris Gayle as Bheema


10. Mark Waugh & Steve Waugh as Nakul & Sahadeva

Nakul & Sahadeva as Mark Waugh & Steve Waugh


11. Shane Warne as Shakuni

  • Shakuni spun a web around the Pandavas by his dice to make them suffer. Warne too had one of the best cricketing brains and bamboozled the batsmen with the ball by his turn and guile.
  • Shakuni was part of the evil Kauravas while Warne was part of the much hated yet the champion Australian team.

Shane Warne as Shakuni


12. Sreesanth as Draupadi

Sreesanth as Draupadi


Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in comments below.