This Man Just Exposed How Petrol Pump Employees Cheat Customers In Mumbai

This Man Just Exposed How Petrol Pump Employees Cheat Customers In Mumbai

We’ve heard numerous cases of petrol pump fraud rampant all over India. This is one such incident which will leave you in shock.

Mumbai resident Jimish Bathia shared his story on facebook on how a Petrol Pump in Mumbai tried to fool him by diverting his attention.


Here is the whole story:

Petrol Pump Fraud at Indian Oil Pump Jogeshwari at Fort Motor..
Guys sharing something that happened with me minutes back.. went to the Indian Oil Pump to fill petrol as my car had just hit reserve. Typically my tank fills up anywhere between 34 to 36 Litres when I fill the tank up at reserve. So I halted at this pump on the western express highway just after the he Aray road.. the moment I stopped my car 2 blokes came.. and one of them started insisting for cleaning my windshield.. I told him it’s not needed but he tried and I then told him to just stop. Then I glance on the meter reading and it shows 800 worth of fuel already gone in and I was suprisied how did he manage to pump in so much fuel in just a few seconds… thats when I challenged him that he did not reset the meter and did not show me zero reading as per rules… he defended saying he forgot to show but he was not cheating… I let him fill up noticing them trying to sweet talk me and my fear was confirmed when the meter stopped at 41 litres (2900 rs worth) whereas the tank could take max 36 at that reading. I immediately called for the manager in charge and explained what happened and he immediately accepted that the guy was at fault for not showing zero and asked me how much fuel had gone in as per my judgement… I told him it’s no more than 2100 worth (though I know it would be much more than that but I had decided to turn the tables on the culprits) . The manager accepted my claim without arguments and took 2100 and said the the rest of money will be deducted from the guys salary… now I was happy with the result as I probably got more fuel than I paid for eventually but wanted to highlight this so that if any of u go to this pump or any pump for that matter u don’t fall for such tricks… in the end I felt the manager was also in on it and decided to pacify me seeing my valid arguments… or maybe he was genuine guy can’t say but I have a feeling that it was a gang thing… anyways will try to write to Indian Oil as I am unable to tag them here but please read and share this to make people aware of this pump and such practices…


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