Three IIT Guys Find The Solution For Tangled Earphones, Don’t Miss It

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An idea conceived back in college, to a few paper scribbles earlier this year; to it finally being developed, manufactured, packaged and sold in the market, here’s how it all happened! #makeinindia.

Witworks is a start-up by the alumni of IIT Kharagpur and the trio, Somnath, Chandrashekhar Iyer and Ankit DP have come with this product called “Rewind”. This product- looks like a solid utility product, produced with a finesse, priced competitively, and something that the consumers will love.

The company claims that Rewind can also be used for keeping all types cords tangle-free and not just the earphones, which is quite handy and useful at theĀ  same time.

Also, this video focusses on details how Witworks actually started and is a platform for, the general youth to be motivated to innovate and invent anything that can be of use to the general public.

This is all about converting fragments of ideas into products with the aide of the website, These IIT guys are just awesome.

What do you have to say about their new product ?