best places to go in monsoon


Aamby Valley City, the first of its kind Megalopolis, spread over more than ten thousand acres of lush expanse. This chartered city is snuggled with plush residences. Thick veil of mist flows along the breezy, yet gentle cold winds. This chartered city has chick and cozy environment and the July seasons just make it perfect! The customized Villas are amidst the resonance of the rains. The ecstasy of the mud during the monsoons and the blooming creativity makes your vacations prefect in this season.


Sprawling languidly at an altitude of 800 metres is Matheran – an undulating hilltop cloaked in green. This smallest hill station in India habitats the finest and the most exuberant land; blessed by the rich-smelling rains. Matheran, which means “forest on the forehead” is an eco-sensitive region sacrosanct by an annual rainfall of 524 cms. June to August is the best time to visit! The essence of the rains here is grandeur and there’s no reason to manifest the magnificence of the seven-colored rainbow without it.


The hospitality of the climate throughout the heavy, transcendent downpours makes Alibaug one of the perfect monsoon fit tourist location. The rains kissing your lips and its eternal fragrance tickling your nostrils are the prolific factors that attract you here. A sweet rush of adrenaline gushes down your body as you feel the heavy showers. The rose bushes glimmer and bring chic to the lightened environment.


Sula Vineyards is at the forefront of the Indian Wine revolution. This place is a haven of peace. There’s a vineyard pool and an option to roll out a bicycle on the hair-pin winding country roads. The richness of the rains, brushes against the vineyard pool besides which one can enjoy delicious food while sipping on Sula wines. The sky shatter and rains shards the grasses and it refreshing, cleansing scent ghosts around the place compelling you to go out there and drench yourself in the calm of the environment.


Known for its production of the hard candy known as chikki, Lonavala lies 96 km away from Mumbai. It is the most favored hill station destination for the Mumbaikars. During monsoon, the place evolves into an evergreen charm which is beatified by glistening waterfalls gushing down a height. Fog envelopes the mountain tops. The monsoon makes its presence felt. No matter what age, getting wet in the rains is the most terrific factor of this place and if you miss it, you miss everything!


Khandala is another tourist location which is beautifully landscaped. A mere 3 hours journey from Lonavala will get you here. It too is famous for quick gateways. The best time to visit this place is the monsoon. The freezing showers make the grasses dance, the birds sing and the crowds to jump in the muddy puddles. The sky like a dome of plasma clouds shudders down a sheet of rain passing over the mortal life; its sound being intensified with every pitter-patter of the drops. A relaxed and a cozy environment is one thing that you can expect after coming here; the personalized services meet high standards of generosity.


Located in the Western Ghats, the town Igatpuri is another famous tourist attraction spot. Here, it starts with big, sopping drops of moisture. They are wild and mesmerizing at the same time; plump missiles of mass destruction that splatter onto the soft soil. The topsoil turns into clogged puddles but it doesn’t matter. The trickles of water, jasmine fragranced and its harmonic thumping excite your senses; they are the nectar of gods. The skies are fragile and petrichor. This place comes to life in monsoon! This place is untouched by modern civilization. The magnificence of this place lies in its cold atmospheres amidst the adored rains.


After there’s nothing left to visit, you can always have an option to experience the best of Mumbai’s…