Mother In Law

As the popular phrase goes, the word Mother-in law can be actually re-arranged to form the word Woman Hitler. And no matter what our society evolves and develops into, some stereotypes of Indian Mother in laws keep cropping up forever!!

Raakhi Mother in law

Unfortunately we can only choose the kind of husband we want; but not the Mother-in law. Listed below are some of the traits of the doting Indian mother-in laws,

Karan Arjun


1). They drab on and on and on and on about how to raise a perfect child, while the very fragment of their failure in being able to raise one will stand besides watching the same

(Tsk, tsk Your Husband of course :D)

Amrita Singh


2). Showing off like they know everything under the sun.

Mother in law


3). Constantly bringing into the conversations about ‘Our times’

Mother in law


4). Trying to put down your culinary expertise in front of the whole family.

Mother in law 2 states


5). Often criticizing your skills in raising your off-springs.

What? You feed him Nachos every day? OMG!! So unhealthy.

Mother in law


6). Interfering in your financial indulges now and then, and questioning about every buck spent.

How can you spend so much on Shoes? Learn to be conservative.

Mother in law


7). Not lending an ear when you want to talk something to them.

Mother in law


8). Becoming your kid’s favorite by spoiling them with junkies and munchies too often.

Mother in law


9). Acting like they know their son better than you (Saying he is just like his father 😀 )

Mother in law


10). To top it all, taking (read Snatching) credit for the success of their son’s promotion or achievements and stating so because he takes after her.

Mother in law


But in the end, they would pose like :D, Yeah we nailed it!!

Mother in law