Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV Positive.

He was a perfect definition of playboy. From sleeping with several women at the same time to visiting prostitutes, Charlie Sheen has done it all. The former Two and a Half Men star has never hidden his notorious ways among women but in his moment of craziness, Charlie forgot the most important lesson of life ie. Protection.

Charlie Sheen, who had boasted of sleeping with more than 5000 women, is devastated.


In a shocking announcement, Charlie Sheen has revealed that he is HIV positive.

“Charlie thought he was indestructible and took no precautions — even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices,” a close friend of the star said.

Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen Reveals He Is HIV Positive.

This blockbuster revelation was made by The National Enquirer after an exhaustive 18-month investigation.

After an exhaustive 18-month investigation, the ENQUIRER reveals the sex-crazed 50-year-old actor, who has a long history of sleeping with porn stars, strippers and groupies of both sexes, is now desperate to cover up his medical crisis, and it’s costing him millions.

Charlie Sheen HIV positive

Source: radaonline

Atleast 4 women have revealed that Charlie exposed them to the virus, including his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.

ex wife Charlie Sheen

Sheen Tried To Hide His Illness From The World For Years.

Adult film star Scottine Ross, who an insider noted didn’t know of Sheen’s HIV status for four months while they had unprotected sex, railed against her ex-fiancé in a video provided to The ENQUIRER: “You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!” she blasted.

Charlie Sheen with girls

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