Watch: Arnab Kicks Out Shamsher Pathan From His Show For Insulting Women

Arnab Goswami is reputed for letting his guests ‘barely speak’ while they are on the show. The truth is that Arnab doesn’t approve of a lot of things, but what he certainly doesn’t take, not even by an ounce is – bullshit.

Primetime journalist Arnab conducted a debate on his show Newshour to discuss the topic of ‘triple talaq’. In the debate, the issue was raised as the Indian government is calling on the Supreme Court to declare the practice of “divorce by talaq talaq talaq”.

Pathan attempted to tackle the women panelists (seeking reforms) by ridiculing their arguments. Pathan said, “Let them make talaq with their husbands. Let them start first… Let us see.”


What do you think about this. Do you support Arnab?