Watch Hyderabad Voicing Its Thoughts On ‘Kiss of Love’ Protest. You Will Be Shocked By The Answers

Whenever a guy and a girl hug or even hold hands in public in India it’s bound to attract some attention no matter what in India. That would easily gain them ugly stares from uncles, aunties and the like and sometimes there are chances of things getting far more ugly too.

Remember in Kodiyathur, Kerala a 26 year old, man was killed for having an affair with a married woman. Many such incidents lead to the advent of peaceful, non-violent protest called Kiss of Love in Kochi. In less than two weeks, the protest is spreading around the country, with demonstrations of kissing and hugging taking place in metro and mega cities that has managed to gain the attention of Media and public alike. This has captured the attention and as well as retain the pause and clauses around the cause as well.

The supreme court has also announced that, ‘Kissing in Public’ is not obscene in the least and can never be considered as the cause for prosecution. Despite all this, many communities and groups are doing all they can against things like, kissing or even falling in love.

This video portrays the thoughts of a number of people from Hyderabad , who talk about kissing in public and more. Watch, what they had to say.