Mandeep Nagi, fashion designer was  on the lookout for a model to showcase her new collection when she found what she exactly needed in her maid servant. Oh well its justifiable to state that it doesn’t matter that Kamala happened to be a domestic help at the house next door from hers.

‘The emphasis of our new collection, Cinnamon, is on textures and I wanted someone extraordinary’ she told to The Hindu.



Though the maid was hesitant at first, she agreed for a trial shoot that turned out to be a bonanza.



And even though she was anxious at first,

532215388The maid reportedly blossomed under the camera’s watchful eyes.



and soon became a true professional!



She was charming and ethereal!



She found herself growing into the process.

420683269Easily started standing out too!




‘I don’t know if this shoot will change her life. I know that she cherishes the experience’ Mandeep concluded.

936106362Here’s to many more such discoveries!

Source-The Better India