Watch What Real Men Do When They Meet Alia Bhatt, On A Deserted Road In The Middle Of Nowhere

“I pledge to create a short film titled ‘Going Home’, in which we visualise a utopia for women, where, unlike today, mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions,  -director Vikas Bahl.

In today’s world, just anything can go wrong. Most of us, pertain ourselves into only thinking about such stuff and not wanting to risk our neck on the same, always choose to stay on the safer side.

Yeah we read about them on the paper all the time, but what do we even do about it?

We restrict ourselves to watching, and commenting on the horrors of these issues. Vogue India, has gone a step-further and made a video that features ‘Alia Bhatt’ where the deserted road- lot of men- lonely women- damsel in distress- scene is shown in such normative  perspective that it makes us wonder on it’s striking contrast with the ideal world.

Where are we going to? What will be the state of Indian women and children if the present situation continues?

Will stuff like these, make-up for all that has happened, and also reach out enough to initiate men to be the same? Oh well, let’s see.  #VogueEmpower

What’s your take on this? What would you do if you faced a situation like this? Do tell us in comments.