What Will Happen If Katrina Kaif Becomes The President Of India

Justice Markandey Katju wants Katrina Kaif as the next President of India. What if his wishes were to come true?

Here are our views on what could happen – hit LIKE if you agree 🙂


1. Enjoyment For Politicians.

Politicians in India are known to buy cotton i.e. do nothing. With Katrina in power, even if the above factor remains the same we will at least have a pretty face to ogle at.

Katrina Kaif mango pretty


2. I prefer beauty without brain over without beauty without brain. What about you?

Katrina Kaif & Sonia gandhi


3. If the president can promise to give a ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ performance in the sworn-in ceremony, we can definitely promise to be glued to the whole commemoration without blinking an eye.

Sheila ki jawani Katrina Kaif


4. Fans swooning over KatZ can be more involved in the political activities of the country.

discuss politics Katrina Kaif rajneeti


5. Page 3 readers will have to shift to reading Headlines if the newspapers promise to print a large portrait of President Katrina Kaif on the front page.

President Katrina Kaif on the front page


7. Katrina Kaif can take personality development classes for the other ‘behenjis’ of politics industry which means we will have more charming faces to gawk at.

behenjis of politics industry


8. There will be very few arguments in the office – after all who would want to upset a pretty girl?

who would want to upset a pretty girl


9. India will soon become a peaceful country because Katrina cannot speak fluent Hindi and her colleagues in the government cannot speak fluent English

So, how can there be clashes without communication? Ha ha ha!

Katrina cannot speak fluent Hindi


10. If Katrina becomes the president, Ranbir Kapoor will be seen cheering her up from the stands which will just bring up the oomph factor in Indian politics.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif


11. As per the majority Indian audience, Katrina cannot act, which means she will be an honest politician. Cheers to Katrina Hip Hip Hurray!

Katrina cannot act


Well, we say you better stick to acting. 😛

Let us know your views on what will happen if Katrina becomes the President of India!