Whole Family Dies After The Wife Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen

A entire family died and is survived only by an eight year kid thanks to a house lady’s simple mistake. It all happened one day, when, one by one, four members of her family went down to the cellar to get some potatoes, and never came back upstairs.
The family went to the cellar in the following order: first the father Mikhail Chelyshev, 42, then the mother, Anastasia Chelysheva, 38, followed by the brother, Georgy Chelyshev, 18. The grandmother got scared and alerted a neighbor, but before assistance arrived, she went down too.


What’s the cause behind it?


Potatoes had been stored in the cellar for quite a long time. Potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound that is also found in some poisonous plants. When stored for long or left in hot conditions, they become toxic and deadly. The older the potatoes, the stronger the toxicity. They all died from the poisonous fumes.

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