You Will Think Twice About Staying At A Relative’s Place For Vacation, Again. This Yatra Might Prove To Be Hell

You will think twice about staying at a relative's place for vacation, again.

“When all else fails, take a vacation” – Betty Williams

Every-time we plan an itinerary, we look for relative/friends places so as to be able to thrash in. Be it anybody, your long-lost cousin, brother’s friend’s cousin or ex’s friend we are hell-bent on testing the norm ‘Athithti Devo Bhava’.

Watch this video to know, what is trying to tell you. Yatra, tells you that highly barbar-ious things can happen if you stay at a relative’s place on a vacation when you travel. The cheapest rates on your fare and prices which you can afford is more important. To make things easier, they are even offering 30% discount, on the packages.

Will you still go for a vacation? 😀