Young Sikh Boy In USA Recorded A Video Of His School Friends Calling Him A ‘Terrorist’. This Is Racism At Its Worst

A young Sikh boy in the US, has posted a video online of his school mates hurling abuses at him and calling him a terrorist.

This footage, uploaded by Harsukh Singh, shows a young boy wearing a turban telling the camera that the ‘kids are being racist to me‘.

Another girl from the back starts calling him as a “terrorist” over and over again, after which the boy also loses his cool.

Watch the full video below.

Source: youtube

These type of bullying is very common in US but this is the first time that a small kid has taken the video of such racist behavior. If such small kids are becoming racist then what will they become after they grow up? This irresponsible behavior needs to be stopped immediately by the US government.

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