10 Annoying But Hilarious Habits Of Sheldon Cooper From Big Bang Theory

We know that you absolutely adore Sheldon (PS – so do we) but some times, in fact most of the times he can get very annoying but that’s why we love him.

Here are our list of 10 irritating habits of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory…


1. Sheldon’s designated seat

“Thats my spot” – well so what, cant I sit for a while Sheldon?

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory


2. Sheldon’s strict schedule ‘But its Halo Night’

I know its Halo Night, but I would have loved to go to the comic store. Any problems?

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory rules


3. Sheldon’s knock on Penny’s door

Oh cmon, I heard that knock once, twice and thrice. Can you stop please?

penny Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory


4. Sheldon’s inability to take sarcasm

I showed you a fist not a handshake silly!

sarcasm Sheldon Cooper


5. Sheldon’s self admiration

We all are humans with flaws you know – just like you!

weep for humanity Sheldon Cooper


6. Sheldon’s inability to drive

For heavens sake Sheldon, why cant you learn how to drive?

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory


7. Sheldon’s fussy hygiene habits

Ok, I am eating and I dont care how what and when – so shut up!


8. Sheldon’s smirk

Victory Smile – cut it out. We hate it!

smirk Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory


9. Sheldon’s inability to keep a secret.

Huh? That was supposed to be a secret idiot!

secret Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory


And finally,

10. Sheldon’s way of asking questions

Can you please please please stop quizzing me. Its driving me insane.

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory jokes


Oh well. What can we say – love him, hate him but you just cant ignore him. Cheers to Sheldon.