Maimaijohn made these comics that portray how pets have slowly evolved into personalities. If you want your life to change, then the best thing to do is get a pet. You agree, don’t you?
1. Your phone memory is loaded with pictures of pets.
2. Half of your money goes into expensive pet food.DOG-COMICS-4
3. Sharing is caring after allDOG-COMICS-5
4.  Your clean car never remains cleanDOG-COMICS-6
5. Pets change people’s attitude around you DOG-COMICS-7
6. Your life revolves around themDOG-COMICS-8
7. There’s never a moment alone with them aroundDOG-COMICS-9
8.  Stuffed toys are stuffed no more!DOG-COMICS-10 9.  You have a welcome home party almost everydayDOG-COMICS-11

10. All in all, a pet makes your life worth living!