10 Reasons Why All Punjabis Are People’s Persons

10 Reasons Why All Punjabis Are People's Persons

Yes, most of us would silently admit that our Punjabi friends are the best because they have an irrevocable aura around them that reflects onto all of us and gets us high on life. They’re all warm-hearted, easy going and fun-loving.

Here are 10 more reasons on why Punjabis are ‘THE’ people to be with.

1. Punjabis are always high spirited and high-on adrenaline. There can never be a sad moment with them around you.

No matter how very low you are, they’re bound to cheer you up.

Kareena Kapoor


2. They will the most jovial of people, you will ever meet. They’re warm-hearted and fun-loving to the extent of being able to laugh at their own jokes.

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3) They have the best-of-best descriptor tactics on earth. Punjabis can make anything sound fun and lively. Listening to their tales can always make your days better.

Kareena Kapoor


4) Sarcasm is in their blood, and watching your Punjabi friend taunt somebody else can make your day.

They have a special way of doing things also and if you get a chance to see two Punjabis talking to each other, will sure be Bliss. 😀



5) Punjabis have the best cuisine, and most of them are great cooks.

Forget about Rotis, Kachoris and Koftas, they can make your western-food also go Punjabian like make amazing toppings for Pizza, make desi-version of the renowned Italian Pasta and so on.

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6) Nothing cools a Punjabi like a drink. Be it dahi or whisky, Punjabis make the best-drink buddies. Imagine the coolest of cool, getting cooler, sounds fun isn’t it?

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7) Punjabis are extroverts from birth. They talk what they feel without a hint of hesitation, which is what makes them unique.

A Punjabi friend is someone who’ll never back-stab which is what makes him/her worth it all.

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8) Also, they will be the most extravagant of all, in your gang. They would never let anything come in their way of having fun. Live life, like it ends tomorrow, is their motto.

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9) They will be the life of the party, no matter how late it is.

Ranging from cooking to cleaning, or even dancing or singing, they will indulge in all of them without a hint of hesitation. In short, they will have their own way of getting things done.

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10) Also, they’re all loud people as the world already knows. Be it anything to impress or express, they would do it all in style which is why makes them the best.

Student of the year


In short, having a Punjabi friend can be therapeutic; they can make you love your life as well as yourself.