10 Reasons Why School Friends Are The Best

School Friends

Stop! Rewind! Go back to school ah! Play!

You might have been a dweeb or a knucklehead, mischievous or your teacher’s pet; I am sure you had a few kiddy buddies who made coming to school a totally joyous experience.

As you burst out laughing thinking about the bizarre things you did; remember a few of your friends are thinking about the same too and laughing harder. Here are our 10 reasons why School Friends are the Best :

friends laughing gif


10. They know you are a jerk and are okay about it.

Girl Super Angry

Did you pretend to be oh-so-cool in front of the it-girl in school? Were you caught cheating in exam? Did you forge your mom’s signature or steal money from your dad’s wallet? They know it all, so no point pretending to be canny or funny- cut it out and be yourself. They are not judging you anyway.


9. They know your real appetite

Girl hogging food gif

There were times when you hogged like a wolf, burped like a buffalo, belched like a pig, licked your fingers – and yet felt totally at ease around your childhood chums.


8. They would murder you for not returning their calls, others would just stop calling.

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No matter how occupied you are, how pricey you act and how taken for granted you make them feel -they will keep calling, texting, emailing till you answer and HOWL once you respond.


7. They have seen your worst & best forms

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There were times when you wailed and cried, yelled and shrieked, used all the beep words (even the ones taught by them) but there were also times when you hugged them hard and kissed them at all places – they have witnessed all your crazy emotions and are still ready to take in more.


6. They were there during most of your first experiences

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Remember the first time you kissed? Or your first teen birthday? Your first sleepover? Your first drink? Your first drive? Your first night out? Your first date? Your first crush; guess who was there to listen to your nonstop blabber? – your tiny tots from school.


5. They know more about you than your spouses/girlfriends do

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They have actively participated in all your crazy escapades and know your ground realities. They are dangerous encyclopedias – you would want to keep them away from your newly found love. Unfortunately they are dying to spill the beans and can get away scot free – thanks to the support from your better half.


4. They helped you come out of stodgy lectures with flying colors

classroom fun gif

It was neither the caffeine nor the teacher who aided you through sleep-inducing lectures (except for the human reproduction classes – where you needed no support to stay wide awake), but it was your mischievous BFF gang who partied with food and dance during class hours and ensured you are having a gala time.


3. Their parents are yours and yours are theirs

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Your parents are extremely fond of your childhood buddies, and it came as no surprise when your mom said she loved your BFF more than she loved you. But you had no time to be jealous because you got your share of attention from their parents & siblings – and all of you are now one big happy family – say cheese!


2. Your parties with them were never about drinks and fancy restaurants and yet you managed to have fun with a big F.

friends partying

You partied with the rugrats at an age where drinks meant coke, food meant pizza and having fun was synonymous to playing pranks.


1. There are somethings that will never change between you and your best-mates from school.

friends hugging

They will keep fighting with you no matter how much you grow. They will keep fighting for you no matter how hard the winds blow.

Life doesn’t give us the opportunity to call our bff’s everyday but when you have a big happy news to share – they are the ones you miss the most.

They love you for who you are – growing up was fun because they were there. You remember their birthdays and house phone numbers effortlessly. They are and will always be your testifiers – you look for an appreciation from them because you know they wouldn’t mind saying “I hate your new boyfriend”, “Your new haircut looks horrible.”
You have shared tears, shared embarrassing moments & shared happiness. You have created memories together – and as you laugh out loud at the fun you had together – you are creating many more.

Stop!, Rewind! Go back to when you started reading this. Ah! Play.

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