10 Things That Astrology Addicts Would Be Able To Relate To

Nargis Fakhri

The first thing you do in the morning is to pick up the newspaper and see your astrology. Depending on your horoscope prediction you plan out your day. Well this is just the start of your addiction. Here are 10 things that Astrology addicts will be able to relate to:


1. You’re widely renowned for predicting bad stuff amongst your friends. Be it a land slide or the mere chipping of a nail, you get to act like you know it all.


2. Most of the time, all your intuitions come true. So you make it a point to fore-warn your friends on possible mishaps or put-offs.


3. Looking into horoscope predictions in newspapers and e-sites is your favorite part of the day.

Katrina Kaif

4. You hate people who state that, those who believe in astrology are fools.


5. And hate people some more, when they state that they aren’t even sure of what their sun-sign is. You end up feeling sorry for them.

aishwarya rai5

6. You get annoyed when people assume you’re expert enough to guess what their sun-sign is, without telling you their birth-date and other details.

aishwarya rai6

7. When you go out with somebody who’s supposed to be your soul mate and the relationship doesn’t work out, you go like;

Kajol and srk7

8. Most of your mates act like knowing your sun-sign is what astrology is all about; you go crazy and try to put it out to them that there are things like Moon, Venus and Mars signs too.

aishwarya rai

9.You believe more in knowing sun-signs, compatibilities and relativity rather than getting to know people and being around with them.

Katrina Kaif9

10. Even when you read-up on fool proof predictions that go like, you’ll meet the man of your dreams tonight or that you’ll get married this year, you know this is all about excitement and looking forward in life, rather than making it all happen. Enough said.