10 Things This Generation Is Missing Out On

10 Things This Generation Is Missing Out On

Yeah this generation is said to be the most poised, trendy and advanced of all, but as the gadgets and phones have become smarter; people are becoming dumber. As we take a seat and hover back; most of us will realize that we are missing out on some of the most important things in life. Here are 10 things that our generation has been actually missing out on;

generation problem


1. People and public are more aware about life of celebrities and fans rather than recounting our nation’s legacy and renowned freedom fighters.1


2. People expect rapists and anti-social activists to take a cue from their status updates and display pictures.

If this has been the trend prolong, imagine the freedom fighters keeping black dots in displays and expecting British to leave the country due to the same.



3. The general public aim to make a difference in the society by striking protests in display pictures, status messages and are akin to getting on the road for working towards the same.




4. Audiences prefer watching senseless monologues & crappy cinema stuff over substanstial and bold cinema.

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika


5. Reality shows that portray norm people suffering hardships and mockery in public are preferred; rather than quality ones that can work to bring about a change in the society.



6. We have in-numerous celebrities but very few true heroes in the society.



7. We choose to judge individuals on norms like bank balance, attire and accessories.



8. Success and happiness are measured in terms of money. ‘The more money you have; the merrier you are’ is what the society believes in.



9. People prefer spending time on phones and gadgets rather than getting to know the people around us.



10. Social life is limited to online interaction and most of them spend time on adding people over facebook rather than working to make more friends in person.



We need to stand forth as examples and testimony for the forthcoming generation; so it’s time to pull out the buckles and fine-tune ourselves so that we can achieve the things that we are actually destined for. Also we need to take a chill pill and learn to enjoy in the surroundings around us. 😀