13 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have A Gujarati Friend

Kem cho? Mazama cho – sounds familiar? Have your gujarati friends been using these words way too often? I know they might get on your nerves sometimes but most of the times – they prove their worth in millions of colorful ways difficult to pen down.

But for starters, here are 10 reasons why you should should and totally should have a gujju friend.


1. Gujjus can speak any language in the world – In Gujarati

Most of the Gujjus have a special accent – the famous gujju accent which changes “snacks” to “snakes”, “movie hall” to “movie whole” & “Jignesh” to “Jignesssss”.. haha!

Gujjus can speak any language in the world - In Gujarati



2. Your Gujju Friend Can Do Garba On Any Song In The World!

You can spot a gujarati breaking into garba or dandia even in a night club. They don’t shy away from singing out traditional folk songs and dancing to it as well. Cheers to the very famous and highly celebrated Gujarati dance form.

Your Gujju Friend Can Do Garba On Any Song In The World!


3. Your Gujju Friend Will Crack The Most Hilarious Jokes With A Straight Face

Poor pronunciations and terrible pjs – they love their jokes and dont mind laughing at themselves – way to go gujju community we love your spirit

Gujju Friend


4. Gujjus have a super yummy Cuisine

From dhoklas, to undhiya (dont bother if you cant pronounce!) to fafra to chewra – Kareena in 3 Idiots felt they sounded like bombs but we feel your food palate is incomplete without having tasted authentic gujarati cuisine. Heres to them for the lovely food.

Aamir khan and kareena kapoor-3 idiots


5. For any problem they have the best solution

Their candy coated dialogues can make wonders at street markets. The are a one stop shop for any solutions.

Narendra Modi & Obama


6. Gujju weddings are lavish, elaborate and totally worth it !!

But you need to have a gujju friend to invite you for these. A distant one would do too – they dont mind inviting your entire family as long as you promise to garba your way along even in the baraat.

Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone



7. You can borrow their stunning clothes

Gujjus are trendy and hep – blessed with a inborn fashion sense. You be with them, and you will get the bug too.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Gujarati Friend


8. Your Gujju Friend will always have Theplas in any emergency.

Hungry kya? Knock on the door of your gujju friend for yummy theplas.

Thepla gujju


9. Your Gujju Friend is your Financial Analyst.

If you cant handle your finances and are running short of money – go to your gujju friends for loads of advise and a long term loan too. 🙂

Business is business



10. They are your 3am friends.

Gujjus are always ready to party, chit chat till late night – so next time when you need someone in the night – call them up.


11. They have the best dance anthem in the world – Sanedo

Sanedo sanedo lal lal sanedo – you must have heard it often and loved it all times. The fun, the rhythm, the crowd, the energy – you have got to be involved no matter how tired you are.




12. They believe all types of noodles are Maggi.


13. They have contacts in every part of the world, they know Everyone…Everywhere!

Gujju community are green card holders, so knowing them might give you an entry abroad who knows. We recommend – marry them.



G-U-J-J-U – cheers to the Gujarati community. And special thanks to my gujju friend who inspired me to write this article. We love you all Gujjus!