Gerard Butler

Desire never equals Value.

Just because someone desires you, doesn’t mean they will value you.

It’s time women agreed on this note. Here are 10 signs that can reconfirm, he’s not the one for you,


1. You catch him browsing through dating sites often and he explains that he has to check out the same as a research for work.

Sitting in front of lappy Signs he is not the one for you

Plot-twist – He’s a pediatrician/ architect/ technical engineer etc.


2. All of his cyber-handles go with the note, #Yourman, #ladiesman, #alwaysatyourservice, #Here4chicks etc.

The Ugly truth2


3. He shies away from meeting you in public or public displays of affection.

The Ugly truth3


4. He has introduced you to 1000’s of school mates, college mates and colleagues who are girls; that you have lost track of them.

The Ugly truth Gerard


5. Though he talks often about commitment and future, he is still reluctant to take it forward, to meet you’re parents and as such.

Samantha Jones


6. You’re still not sure about his past, nor his previous girlfriends.

Sex and the city6


7. Though you guys meet up often and engage on romantic dates you start developing secret fantasies for all hot men around.

Llike the HR manager in your office you never noticed before or even the valet guy at the mall, who suddenly looks all hot and gentlemanly to you. In short, you don’t feel the spark in the relationship anymore.

Carrie Bradshaw


8. You come to know of his promotions and achievements only through his social media profiles.

The gang


9. Whenever you run into some of his friends at work and they ask for your name, the only reply he gives is ‘Not important’.

Sex and the city


10. Though he takes you out on dates and dinners, he prefers having most of his meals alone.

Sex and the city6


11. He takes about 30mins to get your drink even in an empty bar, stating he lost track of where you’re sitting.

Confessions of a shopaholic


12. All that you often engage in, these days is on Fighting.

Confessions of a shopaholic


13. Whenever you catch him ogling other women, he gives a grunt and gets back to his food.

Confessions of a shopaholic


14. He vanishes often without informing you, and states he had a meeting or a client calling.

Hilary Duff


15. He’s still sad and mad often, about those grades he lost in high school.

Hilary Duff


To top it all, You’re still not sure of his middle name.

Sex and the city :D


Ladies, it’s time to draw a line if you have nodded a yes to at-least 5 of the above.

P.S There’s plenty of fish in the sea. 😀 😛