10 Signs That Your Mobile Phone Is Your Soulmate

You can part with anything you have, but not your phone. And these days mobile phones have become a basic necessity just like air, water and food.

Phone addicts

Listed below are 15 such characteristics of people who presume mobile phones to be their obsessive, compulsive and passionate soul mates for life.



1. In all awkward situations; mobile phone is your only savior.


Be it when you are sitting alone in a function or when you’re forced to sit with a couple who do anything but talking; your mobile phone is your one-way ticket to happiness and entertainment.


2) And even when you’re hanging out with somebody else; phone has all your primary attention


Checking it often; is a hobby you think is worth pursuing.


3) You’re conversations are often aided with media rapports like videos and audios from your phone.



4) And you love places that have free Wi-Fi and avoid the ones that don’t !! 😀



5) You start the day with checking your phone and end it with the same, and all the time in between them as well 😀



6) You carry your charger always with you.


Also the USB cable


7) You hate to share your phone with others.



8) You love taking part in debates and discussions regarding which OS is the best.



9) Friends and relatives always seek out your help and opinion before buying phones.



10) You act like you dropped a baby, if you drop your phone.



11) You act like someone who lost their family in a mall; if you forget your phone at home.

Phone addicts


12) You find yourself feeling for your phone in your pocket every 30secs.

Phone addicts


13) Whenever power cut and low battery goes together, you will be in hysterics.



14) You sleep with your phone , yeah pun intended *wink wink*



15) And every morning you’ll be like; 😀