17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman

Dating someone who has control over her life can indeed be quite exciting isn’t it?

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman

But men of today are scared of dating such kinds. They ponder over the fact that how can they fit into the well-proportioned mixture of her life. Many presume that independent women cannot be fun but trust us they need all the love and affection too. We guess the major reason behind it is the fact that men feel insecure around independent women.

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Here are 17 well-justified perks of dating an independent woman,


1. Independent woman have this aura of confidence and happiness around them.

They would have faced life’s worst failures and hence their perception of life would instill a lot of confidence in you and also end up serving as an inspiration.

She will inspire you


2. An Independent woman needs her space.

She needs some ‘ME’ time and this is one of the major traits of a healthy relationship.



3. She needs a strong partner.

Such kind of women looks for the independent, strong and significant partner. They don’t believe in the surreal world of a prince charming whose arrival is due any day in their lives.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman



4. She would encourage you to have a life of your own.

The most amazing trait of an independent woman is her ability to encourage others to do things on their own.


She might encourage you to have a life of your own and might value your independence as much as hers.



5. She doesn’t believe in being the needy-clingy kind.

If you seek a woman who might be all over you even midst the public, then this is not the one for you. Independent women know the appropriate time for displaying their affection.



6. She wouldn’t seek your guidance for everything under the sun.

A woman of this kind would never come crying to you to sort her issues. She’s someone who can take care of things on her own. She would never expect you to solve all her crises.



7. She might embark on adventures and travel more often than you do.

Basically her hunger for life and quest for adventure might tire you out. Independent women wouldn’t actually mind travelling halfway around the world alone. Travelling alone might be seen as an exercise by them to gain experience and fill up their soul-searching antics.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


8. She is comfortable paying her own way.

Be it paving or paying she can handle all of it on her own. She wouldn’t expect you to pay for her every time. Many of us would be comfortable splitting the bill every time.



9. She is independent.

She wouldn’t mind running errands, doing chores or shopping all by herself.  If you want to, you’re always welcome to tag along but that’s never mandatory.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


10. She wants to work her way up the career ladder.

Independent women never go-out looking for sugar daddies. They expect you to understand and accept the fact that their career is as important as yours. They might have high ambitions and might also take pride in what they do.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


11. She doesn’t want to get married ASAP.

We’re perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. An independent woman has chosen to date you because she likes you not because she cannot live without you.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


12. She’s not the kind to sit around and wait for your calls.

An independent woman will have so much more to do in her life. She isn’t the kind you can stall for hours with crazy messages and meaningless chit-chats.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


13. She is not afraid to get what she wants.

Independent women are confident and strong enough to get what they want in life. She’s not the kind to give-up or adjust to what’s lacking neither is she afraid of going behind what she wants in life.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


14. She’s highly self-aware.

Just because she is self-sufficient doesn’t mean she is hard-hearted or icy. It just translates to the norm that she isn’t afraid of stepping away from anything that is negative for her.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman


15. She loves to love.

An independent woman would love to love. Trust us when it comes to expressing her love, there’s nobody who can be as thoughtful as her.

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16. She isn’t the kind to come at the back of you.

Remember this; if you ever break her heart or hurt her she wouldn’t come running at the back of you. An independent woman would never sacrifice her self-respect. She is the kind who will pick-up from scratch and build herself all-over again.



17. She can keep you satisfied in all ways.

This is one of the greatest perks of dating an independent woman. She will keep you satisfied physically, emotionally and most importantly intellectually as well.

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In short being in a relationship with one of this kind will make you believe that there’s a life outside dating. You will finally learn to accept the fact that, dating and love is a part of life and not life in itself.

17 Perks of Dating an Independent Woman