22 Mindblowing Kites You Must Fly This Sankrant

22 Mindblowing Kites You Must Fly This Sankrant

Its time to fly these amazingly designed kites. Are You Ready?


1. No One Will Ever Dare To Cut This Kite

Tiger kite


2. Simply Wow.



3. Beautiful Indian Design

Indian (Chennai)


4. Who would not like to see a Shark flying in the Sky..:D



5. Fly A Butterfly Kite This Season

Butterfly Kite


6. Lord Hanuman Kite

Hanuman Kite


7. This has got to be your favorite kite.

different types of Kites


8. Have you seen such a Kite ever before?

different types of Kites


9. The Dragon Kite

Dragon kite


10. This is Damn Scary.

different types of Kites


11. Frogs & Parrot Kites



12. Haunted Kites

10 Ghosts


13.  Penguin Kite….Isn’t that cute?

11 Penguin Kite


14. The Space Racer

12 The Space Racer


15. Half-Man Kite

13.1 Half Man


16. Horse Kite

14 Horse


17. Crocodile Kite

15 Crocodile


18. The Horse Carriage Kite…WOW

16 Horse Cart


19. The Flying Car Kite

The Flying Car Kite


20. Aeroplane Kite

Aeroplane Kite


21. Valentine Love Kite

Love Kite


22.  If you get tired flying these huge kites, then Try flying this..:P



Which is your favorite kite? Please leave your views on the comment section below.