23 Reasons On Why ’23’ Is The Best Age To Be In.

At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all.

With Dec 2015, I am 23 officially and it’s scaring the hell out of me. Post so many speculations about almost reaching the first quarter of my life, little did I realize that this will be the year of serious reflection and analysis about life.


Here are 23 Reasons On Why ’23’ Is The Age To Be In,


1. Coffee has become everything in life. Seriously, having something to gorge on and to help you to get out of your bed is pure heaven. Isn’t it? Aren’t you addicted to it?



2. The world of grown-ups looks all scary and serious. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

23 Reasons On Why '23' Is The Best Age To Be In


3. More than half of my friends are married whilst the other half are engaged and gearing up to tie-the-knot soon.

23 Reasons On Why '23' Is The Best Age To Be In


4. Women younger than me are having kids whilst I still cannot decide on which pair of shoes would go with which outfit.



5. Most of my dad’s colleague’s daughters are married and I wonder how it is so easy for them to do so?



6. I have loved and lost in my life. And never in a million light-years can I afford to go through the same routine all over again!?



7. I am pursuing my passion and making money out of it. But I’m not sure if this will turn out into a stable career.



8. With many around me dashing off during weekends to dance at clubs and candle-light dinners, I ponder over the fact on why I suck at relationships?



9. I have no idea on why people who refer to themselves as friends put me down behind my back?



10. I am obsessed about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom and still can’t get enough of it.



11. More than half of the things in my bucket-list are not done yet.



12. I have slowly realized that I cannot depend on my parents for money any-more.



13. Suddenly, I seem to have developed this ‘I Don’t care’ attitude towards most people.



14. I have stopped caring about people who don’t do so towards me. Be it stalking, sharing or caring, I have learnt to reciprocate on only what’s necessary.



15. Everything seems to be a never ending mystery in life. What to do? Where to go? Whom to talk to? To trust or not? To binge or not? And what not?



16. You realize that everything in life is a myth. Great job? Stable life? One great love? Prince Charming? My foot!



17. You are nowhere close to where you want to be in life and you won’t really reach there until a couple more years. *BANG* reality hits you often.



18. You find out that people expect you to earn for yourself and pay taxes as well. Now, what is that?



19. Be it the parents, relatives or the neighbours, everyone wants you to get settled. *Butt-out* people.



20. You realize that there’s more to a relationship than appearance. You want to be with people who can make your toes curl as well as be your best-friend which seems impossible to do so.



21. You will finally realize that parents are the only people on earth who love without any selfish motives. More often you want to just be the toddler in your dad’s arms or mom’s lap because at times life is just too much to deal with.



22. All you want to do is grab your stuff and go on a world tour but you are stuck at a monotonous job, thanks to the expectations of the society.



23. You realize that people expect you to act as an adult but con reality you feel more like a kid stuck inside an adult’s body.



But do you know what the best part is?


Though I haven’t figured out about everything yet- I am grateful. I am grateful that I have a supporting father, bratty and adorable sister and amazing friends. I’m lucky to have the opportunities I have made use of. I am happy that I am following my passion.

Yes, I realize that being ’23’ is tough. But life cannot be better at the moment. One of the greatest joys of life lies in the anticipation of what’s next? Hence, the thrill of what life holds in store for me is enough to get me going. Thereby I refuse to wallow in misery neither of my next year birthday nor about the past.



Here I am, taking an oath to make my ’23’ much better than ’22’.



It’s time we embraced change as the Bhagavad Gita quotes,

Whatever happened in the past, it happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; Whatever shall happen in the future, shall happen for the good only. Do not weep for the past, do not worry for the future, concentrate on your present life.

Happy Living folks!


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